F-86H Sabre

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Manufacturer: North American
Designation: F-86
Version: H
Nickname: Sabre
Type: Fighter
Length: 38' 10" 11.84 M
Height: 15' 0" 4.57 M
Wingspan: 39' 1.5" 11.92 M
Wingarea: 313.40 Sq Ft 29.11 Sq M
Empty Weight: 13836.0 lbs 6274.00 Kg
Max Weight: 22100.0lbs 10022.0 Kg
No. of Engines: 1
Powerplant: General Electric J73-GE-3E
Thrust (each): 8920 4045
Max Speed: 692.00 Mph 1114.00 Km/H 602.16 Kt
Climb: 12900.0 Ft/min 3931.73 M/min
Ceiling: 50800.0 Ft 15483.0 M

The United States Air Force’s first swept wing fighter the North American
F-86 Sabre became an aviation legend in the hands of skilled US pilots in the
hotly contested skies of “MiG Alley” during the Korean War.

Designed late in the World War 2 the first prototype F-86s did not fly until
1947 allowing the US design team to take advantage of captured German technical
data relating to the advantages of swept wing designs in high-speed jet
fighters. Powered with a General Electric J47 turbojet and armed with six .50
caliber machine guns the F-86 Sabre entered USAF service in 1949.

When war broke out on the Korean peninsula, F-86 Sabres were rushed to the
Far East after older-model US fighters proved no match for the nimble MiG-15s of
the communist forces. By the end of the conflict, USAF Sabres were credited with
the destruction of 792 MiG-15s for the loss of 78 F-86s, an astonishing ten to
one success rate. Later, after the fall of the Soviet Union when records became
available, the rate was revised to a still respectable 1.8 to 1 by 2008 Rand
Corporation study "Air Combat Past, Present and Future."

With 7,800 F-86 aircraft manufactured between 1949 and 1956, and an
additional 1,815 built in Canada and Australia for a total of 9,615 the F-86 was
by far the most produced western block fighter of all time.

The museum’s F-86H serial number 53-1304 (on loan from the USAF) was
manufactured by North American Aviation, Columbus Ohio and delivered to the Air
Force on April 8, 1955. Armed with the four powerful 20mm cannons the “H” model
53-1304 wears the bright orange livery of its first assignment in April of 1955,
the 413th Fighter Day Group, Tactical Air Command, George Air Force Base

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According to the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA/RSA), Maxwell
AFB, AL, the museum's F-86H has the following history:

F-86H, s/n 53-1304, was manufactured by North American Aviation, Columbus OH
and delivered to the USAF on 8 Apr 1955. Its assignments were:

Apr 1955  - To 413th Fighter Day Group (TAC), George AFB CA

Nov 1955  - To 479th Fighter Day Wing (TAC), George AFB CA

Jul 1956  - To 312th Fiqhter Bomber Wing (TAC), Clovis AFB NM

Oct 1956  - To 83rd Fighter Day Wing (TAC), Seymour Johnson AFB NC (deployed
to Eglin AFB FL)

Dec 1957  - To 101st Fighter Interceptor/Tactical Fighter Squadron (ANG),
Logan AP MA

Nov 1961 -  To 102nd Tactical Fighter Wing (USAFE), Phalsbourg AB France

Jul 1962  - To 102nd Tactical Fighter Group (ANG), Logan AP MA

Mar 1963  - To 175th Tactical Fighter Group (ANG), Glenn L Martin AP MD

May 1968  - To 140th Tactical Fighter Wing (TAC), Cannon AFB NM

Dec 1968  - Returned to 175th Tactical Fighter Group

Jun 1970  - Dropped from inventory by donation to school or museum