MiG-17 Fresco

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Manufacturer: Mikoyan-Gurevich, Russia
Designation: MIG-17
Nickname: Fresco
Type: Fighter
Specifications (for MiG-17F)
Length: 37 ft 3 in  
Height: 12 ft 6 in  
Wingspan: 31 ft 7 in  
Crew: 1  
Armament: One 37mm cannon plus two two 23mm cannons; 4 air-to-air missiles  
Gross Weight: 8,646 lbs empty;  13,858 lbs max takoff  
No. of Engines: 1
Powerplant: Klimov VK-1F afterburning turbojet
Pounds of thrust: 7,440 lbs with afterburner
Range: 1,035 miles with tanks)  
Cruising Speed:      
Max Speed: 711 mph    
Ceiling: 54,500 ft  


The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 is a jet fighter aircraft produced in the USSR
from 1952 and operated by numerous air forces in many variants. Licence
production was carried out in East Germany, Poland (PZL-Mielec Lim-6) and the
Peoples Republic of China (Shenyang J-5). NATO reporting name "Fresco".

The MiG-17 design was generally based on a previously successful Mikoyan and
Gurevich fighter, the MiG-15. The major novelty was its introduction of a swept
wing with a "compound sweep" configuration: a 45° angle near the fuselage, and a
42° angle for the outboard part of the wings. Other easily visible differences
to its predecessor were the three wing-fences on each wing, instead of the
MiG-15's two, and the addition of a ventral fin.

The MiG-17 shared the same Klimov VK-1 engine and the rest of its
construction was similar. The first prototype, designated "SI" by the
construction bureau, was flown on the 14 January 1950.

  The MiG-17 shown above, with 1605 painted on its side fuselage, is on loan
fron Nancy and Walter Jarrett.