F-105D Thunderchief

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Manufacturer: Republic
Designation: F-105
Version: D
Nickname: Thunderchief
Type: Fighter
Length: 64' 5" 19.63 M
Height: 19' 8" 5.99 M
Wingspan: 34' 11" 10.64 M
Gross Weight: 52836.0 lbs 23962.0 Kg
Max Weight: 52838.0lbs 23962.0 Kg
No. of Engines: 1
Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney J75-P-19W (A/B 24,500Lb
Range: 1840 miles 2962.00 Km
Cruise Speed: 778.00 mph 1252.00 Km/H 676.76 Kt
Max Speed: 1390.00 Mph 2238.00 Km/H 1209.73 Kt
Ceiling: 51000.0 Ft 15544.0 M


The "D" version of the F-105 (with 600 built) constituted the bulk of the
production for the thunderchief. Followed by the "F", a two-seat dula purpose
trainer/tactical fighter (143 built). During the Vietnam conflict, in response
to the increasing threat posed by radar guided Surface to Air Missiles (SAM's)
being employed by the Vietnamese, the F-105F was chosen to be converted for the
suppression of SAM's by engaging the radars that directed the missiles. This
aircraft became the "G" version or "Wild Weasel". The electronic warfare officer
occupied the second seat and using his equipment would search for radar
emissions coming up from the ground, once an enemy radar had been identified a
missile was launched at the radar and would ride the radar beam back to its
origin, destroying the radar.

The March Field Museum has two F-105's. The "D" model, serial number 62-4383,
served with the Pacific Air Force, Tactical Air Command and the Air Force
Reserve before being retired in January 1984. The total flight hours on this
aircraft is 5,049. This aircraft is on loan from the USAF.

According to the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA/RSA), Maxwell
AFB, AL, the museum's F-105D has the following history:

F-105D, s/n 62-4383, was manufactured by Republic Aviation, Farmingdale, NY,
and delivered to the USAF in April 1963. Its assignments were:

Apr 1963 -  To 8th Tactical Fighter Wing (PACAF), Itazuke AB Japan

May 1964  - To 41st Air Defense Headquarters (PACAF), Yokota AB Japan

Apr 1965  - To 6441st Tactical Fighter Wing (PACAF), Yokota AB Japan

Aug 1966  - To Mobile Air Materiel Area

Nov 1966  - To 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing (TAC), McConnell AFB KS

Jul 1972  - To 57th Fighter Weapons Wing (TAC), Nellis AFB NV

May 1973  - To 507th Consolidated Logistics Maintenance Squadron (AFRES),
Tinker AFB OK

Mar 1976  - To 507th Tactical Fighter Group (AFRES), Tinker AFB OK

Sep 1977  - To 465th Tactical Fighter Squadron (AFRES), Tinker AFB OK

Nov 1980  - To 466th Tactical Fighter Squadron (AFRES), Hill AFB UT

Jan 1984 -  Dropped from USAF inventory by transfer to school or museum