MiG-21F-13 Fishbed

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Manufacturer: Mikoyan-Gurevich, Russia
Designation: MIG-21F-13
Nickname: Fishbed C
Type: Fighter
Length: 51' 8"
Height: 14' 9"
Wingspan: 2
Crew: 1

1 twin-barrel 23mm gun; 2  infra-red missiles; 2 radar homing;

2 rocket packs (32x 57mm rockets); 2 1,000lb bomb

Payload: 12,000 lb
No. of Engines: 1
Powerplant: Tumansky RD-13-300 turbojet
Pounds of thrust: 11,540lb thrust 14,550lb with afterburner
Range: 683 miles (internal only)
Max Speed: Mach 2.1 (1,383 mph)
Ceiling: 59,050'

The Mig-21 came from the successful design bureau of Artem Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich. The MiG-21 Fishbed F is a short-range, supersonic, day fighter-interceptor and the first major production version of the popular MiG-21 series. It is but one of many versions of this aircraft that have served in the air arms of many nations around the world. The E-5 prototype of the MiG-21 was first flown in 1955 and made its first public appearance during the Soviet Aviation Day display at Moscow's Tushino Airport in June 1956.


During the Vietnam War, MiG-21s were often used against U.S. aircraft with deadly effect, especially against F-105 Thunderchiefs. The contest was far from one-sided, between April 26, 1965, and January 8, 1973, USAF F-4s and B-52s claimed to have downed 68 MiG-21s.


More than 30 countries of the world--including nations friendly to the U.S.--have flown the MiG-21. At least 15 versions of the MiG-21 have been produced, some outside the Soviet Union. Estimates place the number built at more than 8,000, a production total exceeding that of any other modern jet



The MiG-21F-13 on display was built in Czechoslovakia and flew in the air force of that nation.  It was donated in 2002 by Lillie Hornak, of Palm Springs, CA. There were 194 MiG-21F-13's built in that country. Their version did not have a cockpit window behind the pilot's head.