Dear Friends,


2023 seems to have flown by! But what an incredible year it has been for the March Field Air Museum. With your help, and the unfailing support of other donors, in twelve short months we have met and surpassed many of last year’s most challenging goals. 

This year we brought home a Gulf War veteran Boeing KC-10 Extender 84-0185. Once christened the “City of Perris” the aircraft served at March Field for a decade supporting campaigns in Southwest Asia and East Africa. Through the herculean efforts of the Air Force Reserve and our own staff, the giant aerial tanker now graces the museum’s flight line.

Beyond the KC-10 we acquired seven additional aircraft ranging from a Korean War F-86 Sabre flown by Colonel George Jones the famed Jet Ace, to a rare Royal Moroccan MiG-17 that once patrolled the skies over the turbulent Middle East. Two Vietnam era Cessnas joined our fleet, an O-1 “Bird Dog” now representing the legendary USAF/CIA Raven Forward Air Controllers and U-3A “Blue Canoe” Army liaison transport. Now, in the attentive care of our restoration shop, is the only surviving SD-5 Osprey jet-powered drone, a forerunner of today’s Reaper MQ-9 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. During the past year, our curatorial team traveled from the burning sands of Arizona’s deserts to Utah’s Great Salt Lake and the bracing chill of Seattle, Washington to rescue these treasures. 

The museum hosted an amazing series of unique events this year from our signature awards dinner “Champions of Flight” featuring Astronaut and Space Shuttle Commander Colonel Eileen M. Collins to a re-invigorated 1940’s themed “Wing Ding” and our always popular Halloween candy give away “Wings and Treats.” March Field Air Museum continues to support the community by hosting Moreno Valley School District Student of the Month programs, over 175 school tours and providing special presentations to history minded community groups like the Mission Inn and Riverside Historical Society. 

Within the museum campus we have created a new gallery with a dozen individual exhibits including a dazzling array of Vietnam era “Party Suits,” an immersive POW section, a detailed presentation on USAAF Five-Star General Henry “Hap” Arnold, and the Aztec Eagles, the Mexican Air Force in World War II. Within our main gallery, major improvements include expanded cases featuring comprehensive displays on the Home Front in WW II, the Cold War, and the B-29 Campaign against Japan. The Restoration Department received a new covered workspace where they can continue to perform miracles by maintaining our own collection and bringing newly acquired and often neglected warbirds back to life.

Slowing down is not the March Field way and, with your continued support, next year will be even more extraordinary. February will see the delivery of an F-16 Fighting Falcon, one of the most capable multi-role fighters in USAF history, before the year ends a battle worn C-7 Caribou rich in history from its time in Southeast Asia will join our collection. January begins the long-awaited re-vamping of our memorial courtyard where, in partnership with Western Municipal Water District, an extensive re-modeling will improve the visitor experience while educating the public on water conservation. 

Together we have accomplished an amazing amount, and with your renewed commitment, we can do so much more. True to the old fighter pilot’s maxim we will continue to “lean forward in the harness,” won’t you join us? March Field Air Museum receives no federal or state funding. As such, we depend on your donations to continue our mission. Your generous tax deductible gift can make a difference in our mission to preserve the past and enrich the future. 
Thank-you for your support, 


Jamil Dada
President, Executive Board
March Field Air Museum    



P.S. - The successes of this year would not have been possible without your generosity. Any donation, of whatever denomination, is vital to our continued progress. Your contribution could mean the difference between success and failure.



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