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It's An Airshow Everyday!

Located on the edge of the active flight line at March Field Air Reserve Base, March Field Air Museum offers an unparalleled view of the most modern military aircraft in the United States Air Force. March Field, one of the oldest military airfields in the United States, was originally founded as Alessandro Field in 1918 as one of 32 Air Service training camps following the United States’ entry into WWI.  Visitors can experience the full evolution of flight through an impressive collection of over 115 aircraft, spanning more than 120 years of aviation history. From early pioneers of powered flight to iconic World War II bombers and cutting-edge drones, the museum provides a comprehensive look at the advancements in aviation. With something for everyone, March Field Air Museum is a must-visit destination for aviation enthusiasts and families alike.

Commitment to our Community

The accreditation of March Field Air Museum by the American Alliance of Museums signifies a high standard of excellence, enhancing its credibility and public trust. This prestigious recognition confirms the museum’s commitment to maintaining rigorous professional standards in collections management, educational programming, and visitor experience. As an accredited institution, the museum gains access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and potential funding, ensuring its continued growth and ability to preserve and share aviation history with future generations.

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