Something for Everyone  


Welcome to the March Field Air Museum. With 114 aircraft and more than 30,000 individual artifacts, our museum strives to promote an understanding of humanity's reach for the skies and of March Field's pivotal role in the development of flight. For over 100 years, March Field has been home to aviation pioneers, some famous and some anonymous. They have left a treasure trove of precious artifacts from aircraft to flight gear, from simulators to uniforms, from photos to personal letters.
We encourage you to come walk in the footsteps of heroes. Step through a World War I trench line under the shadow of the world's fastest manned aircraft, the SR-71 Blackbird. Walk through a Vietnam era Fire Base surrounded by a brace of helicopters. Stand beneath the wings of a massive B-52 Stratofortress or World War II combat icons including the B-29A Superfortress and B-17G Flying Fortress "Starduster."
Whatever your age or background, the sleek fighters, bombers, and cargo aircraft of the MFAM have something to fascinate everyone. With such a rich variety of artifacts, the museum's exhibits are constantly evolving to bring you new experiences however many times you visit. Enjoy your visit. 
At the March Field Air Museum, exhibits cover a wide range of topics. Explore the rich history of March Field (today's March Air Reserve Base). Tour Mission Control and learn about the history of space exploration. Experience the sights and sounds of a Vietnam War-era firebase. Tour over 107 historic aircraft from the earliest days of aviation to the latest tactical aircraft operating today.


This book, March Through Time, brings the exhibits and aircraft of the March Field Air Museum to life with color photographs and detailed information. To learn more visit the SHOP page on this website.