F-4E Phantom II

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Manufacturer: McDonnell-Douglas
Designation: F-4
Version: E
Nickname: Phantom II
Type: Fighter
Length: 63' 19.20 M
Height: 16' 6" 5.03 M
Wingspan: 38' 4" 11.68 M
Wingarea: 530.00 Sq Ft 49.23 Sq M
Empty Weight: 29535.0 lbs 13394.0 Kg
Gross Weight: 55957.0 lbs 25377.0 Kg
Max Weight: 61651.0lbs 27959.0 Kg
No. of Engines: 2
Powerplant: General Electric J79-GE-17 (A/B 17,900Lb/8,119Kg)
Thrust (each): 11870 5383
Range: 1050 miles 1690.00 Km
Cruise Speed: 585.00 mph 942.00 Km/H 509.19 Kt
Max Speed: 1485.00 Mph 2391.00 Km/H 1292.43 Kt
Climb: 61400.0 Ft/min 18713.8 M/min
Ceiling: 62250.0 Ft 18973.0 M


The F-4 was designed in 1958 as a company venture by McDonnell Douglas to
meet future needs and it turned into the greatest post World War II fighter ever
built. Considered by some the fastest, most versatile and effective aircraft
ever built. The F-4 was initially designed as an attack bomber without internal
weapons. The Phantom carried a greater bomb load than a B-29, yet was an
effective fighter shooting down 106 out of 137 Migs destroyed in the Vietnam
War. Israel has used F-4's in all of its major confrontations, at one time
shooting down over 70 Syrian aircraft without a Phantom lost. The F-4E was flown
by the US Air Force Demonstration team The Thunderbirds from 1969 through the
mid 1970's.  F-4E's were also flown as aircraft known as Wild Weasels and were
active in the Persian Gulf War.

The F-4E was a marked change from the original design of the phantom and a
no-nonsense adaptation to the lessons learned in Vietnam. With changes in
avionics, a new wing (more forgiving in stalls and spins caused by harsh
maneuvers with heavy bomb loads) and the addition of an internally mounted 20mm
M61 Vulcan cannon fed by a 640 round drum magazine. The F-4E would remain the
basic airframe for the follow-on versions in the Phantom production life, the
F-4G being the last version produced.

This is an F-4E, serial number 68-0382.  

According to the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA/RSA), Maxwell
AFB, AL, the museum's F-4E has the following history:

Manufactured by McDonnell-Douglas Aircraft, in St. Louis, MO and gained by
the United States Air Force on May 9 1969.

May 1969  -  To 479th Tactical Fighter Wing (Tactical Air Command), George

Jan 1970  -  To 401St Tactical Fighter Wing (US Air Forces Europe), Torrejon
AB Spain

Sept 1973  -  To 36th Tactical Fighter Wing (USAFE), Bitburg AB Germany

Mar 1976  -  To 86th Tactical Fighter Wing (USAFE), Ramstein AB Germany

Sept 1982  -  To 347th Tactical Fighter Wing (TAC), Moody AFB, GA

Apr 1987  -  To 163rd Tactical Fighter Group (Air National Guard), March AFB

Jan 1990 Aircraft dropped from U. S. Air Force inventory with a total of
4887.3 flight hours on the airframe.

Retired due to structural damage to the right engine nacelle with over 5,000
flying hours, the plane is substantially intact, including avionics, ejection
seats, and engines.  It was placed on exhibit with the museum in 1993. This
aircraft is on loan from the USAF.