TG-2 Glider

Manufacturer: Schweizer Aircraft Corp, Elmira, NY
Designation: TG-2
Type: Glider (Training)
Length: 25'  
Height: 8'  
Wingspan: 52'  
Crew: 2  
Maximum Passenger Payload: 450 lbs  
Glide Ratio: 18 to 1  
Sinking Speed: three feet per second    
Maximum Towing Speed: 89 Mph    


The two-seat utility sail plane was built during World War II by Schweizer Aircraft Corp, Elmira, NY, and used as a basic trainer for glider pilots. TG-2's were used to train glider pilots at Palmdale, CA, who then moved to advanced training in CG-4 gliders at Victorville, CA, and finally, March Field, Riverside. The pilots then moved on to the larger Waco built gliders for training at March Field before going overseas. CG-4 gliders transported men and equipment into Sicily, Normandy, the Rhine Rover crossing, Burma and Luzon in the Philippines.

The semi-cantilevered strut-braced high wing monoplane has a wing area of 210
square feet. It has an unsprung single-wheel landing gear and nose skid.


The museum glider was trucked in from Seattle and arrived in September, 1989.
This aircraft is on loan from the USAF.