T-33A Shooting Star

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Manufacturer: Lockheed
Designation: T-33
Version: A
Nickname: Shooting Star
Type: Trainer & Utility Transport
Length: 37' 8" 11.48 M
Height: 11' 7" 3.53 M
Wingspan: 37' 6" 11.43 M
Gross Weight: 14998.0 lbs 6802.00 Kg
Max Weight: 15000.0lbs 6802.00 Kg
No. of Engines: 1
Powerplant: Allison J33-A
Thrust (each): 5400 2448
Range: 1000 miles 1610.00 Km
Cruise Speed: 455.00 mph 732.00 Km/H 395.68 Kt
Max Speed: 525.00 Mph 845.00 Km/H 456.76 Kt
Ceiling: 45000.0 Ft 13715.0 M


The prototype F-80 "Shooting Star" flew on the 8th of January, 1944. Eight
years later, the T-33A "Shooting Star" was introduced. The T-33A evolved from
the F-80 "C" model fighter. The fuselage of the F-80C was lengthened to
accommodate a second pilot sitting in tandem.  

The first true American jet fighter was the P80 from Lockheed in 1945. In
1948, the F-80 fuselage was extended 38 inches and a second seat added under the
lengthened canopy to become the T-33A trainer. 128 TF-80C's were redesignated as
T-33A's in 1949 and production of the T-33A soon eclipsed that for F-80.  The
aircraft was now powered by the GE or Allison J33 turbojet. Maximum speed was
542 mph at 25,000 feet. Production ceased in 1959 after 5,700 had been delivered
from factories in the U.S., Canada and Japan. Twenty-seven foreign countries
bought the plane.  The T-33A model trainers have taught many Air Force pilots
basic fighter maneuvering skills; air combat tactics and low level flight

The museum's T-33A, serial number 58-0513, was delivered to the Air Force on
31 October 1958.  Our T-33A last flew with the 84th Fighter Interceptor Training
Squadron (FITS) based at Castle Air Force Base, Ca. The 84th FITS flew its T-33s
equipped for the Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) training and in the role of
target for the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD). This aircraft is on
loan from the USAF.

According to the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA/RSA), Maxwell
AFB, AL, the museum's T-33A has the following history:

T-33A, s/n 58-513, was manufactured by Lockheed Aircraft, Burbank CA and
delivered to the USAF on 31 Oct 1958. Its assignments were:

Oct 1958  - To 4600th Air Base Wing (ADC), Peterson AFB CO

Feb 1960  - To 4614th Consolidated Maintenance Squadron (ADC), Peterson AFB

13 Jul 60  - To 1001st Air Base Wing (HQ USAF), Andrews AFB MD

30 Jul 60  - Return to 4614th Consolidated Maintenance Squadron

Apr 1964  - To 460Oth Consolidated Maintenance Squadron (ADC), Peterson AFB

May 1973  - To 4600th Air Base Wing (ADC), Peterson AFB CO

Apr 1975  - To 46th Air Defense Wing (ADC), Peterson AFB CO

Jan 1980  - To 46th Fighter Training Squadron (TAC), Peterson AFB CO

Nov 1980  - To 460th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (TAC), Peterson AFB CO

May 1981  - To 84th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (TAC), Castle AFB CA

Mar 1987 -  Dropped from USAF inventory by transfer to museum or school

In 1987, it was received at the museum at March Field.