PT-19B Cornell

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Manufacturer: Fairchild
Designation: PT-19
Version: B
Nickname: Cornell
Type: Trainer (Primary)
Crew: Instructor & Student
Length: 27' 11" 8.51 M
Height: 7' 6" 2.29 M
Wingspan: 36' 11" 11.25 M
No. of Engines: 1
Powerplant: Ranger L-440-3
Horsepower (each): 175
Range: 450 miles 724.00 Km
Max Speed: 132.00 Mph 212.00 Km/H 114.59 Kt
Ceiling: 13000.0 Ft 3962.20 M


The "Cornell" series of aircraft --- the PT-19, PT-23 and PT-26 were designed
in 1938 and built in the U.S. by Fairchild Aircraft, in Hagerstown, Maryland,
and Howard Aircraft (PT-19 and PT-23 respectively) and built by Aeronca for
Brazil, Chile, and other South American countries. The PT-26 was built by Fleet
Aircraft of Canada and was similar to the PT-19B except the PT-26 was fitted
with a full length sliding canopy.

The museum's aircraft is a PT-19B with s/n T43-5598. (other source says
serial number is 43-55985 or 43-5598).   This aircraft is on loan from the USAF.