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Manufacturer: Northrop
Designation: YA-9
Version: A
Type: Attack Bomber (Light)
Length: 53' 6" 16.31 M
Height: 17' 10" 5.44 M
Wingspan: 57' 17.37 M
No. of Engines: 2
Powerplant: Avco/Lycoming ALF-502
Thrust (each): 6000 2721


Designed by Northrop in the mid 1970s, the YA-9 Ground Attack Aircraft was
developed in response to a request by the US Air Force for a rugged, close air
support aircraft capable of destroying the heaviest Soviet tanks and armored
vehicles. Envisioned as a "flying tank" the A-9 was designed with low level
survivability in mind. With redundant flight control systems and aluminum alloy
armor 1.25 to 2.5 inches thick protecting all vital areas, the A-9 could
withstand multiple direct hits from Soviet 23mm anti-aircraft cannons. The
twelve under-wing weapons pylons could carry nearly every ordnance combination
in the Air Force inventory.

Unfortunately for the A-9, its competitor in the ground attack selection was
the now legendary Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II. Possibly the greatest
ground attack aircraft ever designed.

Only two YA-9A prototypes were built by Northrop Aviation, serial numbers
71-1367 and 71-1368. Together they completed 123 flights, totaling 146.0 flight
hours during the ground attack aircraft selection. After the decision, the U. S.
Air Force had neither use nor interest in either of the two YA-9As; they were
transferred to the NASA Dryden Research Center before being completely retired
from service on April 2, 1973.

Both YA-9A's still exist today. March Field Air Museum's 71-1368 is on
display, its sister ship is at Edwards AFB. The March Field Air Museum received
its YA-9A in 1981 as a loan from the US Air Force.

Below is an additional listing of specifications:

Military Specifications For the A-9A Prototype

Manufacturer: Northrop Aviation

Country: United States

Branch of Service: United States Air Force

Designation: A-9

Variant: A

Aircraft Type: Attack Bomber (light)

Aircraft Type Made: 2 (s/n 71-1367 and s/n 71-1368)

Configuration: Single place, High Wing, Single Conventional Tail

Number of Power plants: 2

Power plant Types: Two Lycoming YF102LD100 Turbofan Engines

Thrust (Each Engine); 7500 lbs

Engine Height - Aft CL: 77.0 inches

Gearbox: Two - each with hydraulic pump, generator and engine start turbine

Engine CL Distance from Fuselage CL: 47.0 inches

Landing Gear: Tricycle gear - single wheel, each with direct acting oleo
shock struts.

Nose Gear Steering: 30 degrees

Nose Gear Tire Size: 18x6. 5-8 12-ply rating

Nose Landing Gear Axle to Main Landing Gear Axle: 224.4 inches

Main Gear Tire Size: 32 x 8. 8-16 Type VII 24-ply rating

Main Landing Gear Span (Tire CL): 122.5 inches

Length (Less Boom): 642.0 inches

Overall Height: 203.0 inches

Horizontal Stabilizer Height & Root: 123.5 inches

Wing Height at CL: 83.0 inches

Fuselage Height (Ground to Bottom of Fuselage): 30.0 inches

Tail Height (ground to bottom of tail): 60.0 inches

Wing Span: 696.0 inches

Horizontal Tail Span: 326.95 inches

Aircraft Weights                                                      
              Prototype 1                 Prototype 2

Design Gross Weight:                                                        
      28,075                        28,575

Gross Weight (maximum alternate):                                          
41,795                        41,795

Useful Load:                                                                
            19,219 (Max)             18,719 (Max)

Weight Empty (dry, no liquids or guns)                                    
20,254                        20,754

Weight Empty (operable condition)                                          
22,576                        23,076

Center of Gravity                                                Fus
Sta                %MAC                 Waterline

At Design Weight                                                382.5        
           32.6                        108.5

Most Forward (gear up)                                      380.6            
       31.0                        109.0

Most Aft (gear down)                                          389.1          
         38.0                        106.5

Most Abrupt CG                                                 382.5        
           32.6                        108.5

Shift (gear up to                                                       to  
                      to                             to

gear down)                                                          382.4    
                32.5                        109.2

Wing Area(Total): 580 sq ft

Sweepback (at 25% chord): 3 degrees, 12 minutes

Incidence: 00.00 degrees

Dihedral: 00.00 degrees

Vertical Tail

Exposed Area: 98 sq feet

Sweepback (at 25% chord): 30 degrees, 29 minutes

Horizontal Tail

Flap Total Area (Fowler area): 88 sq feet

Flap Travel: 45 degrees

Aileron Area (each, aft of hinge): 22.7 sq feet

Aileron Travel: 30 degrees (up and down)

Speed Brake (split ailerons) area

Total (aft of hinge): 102 sq feet

Speed Brake Travel: 57 degrees up,

                                 63 degrees down

Lift Dumper (upper flap surface)

Area Total: 98 sq feet Lift Dumper Travel: 60 degrees (up)

Elevation Area (aft of hinge - 70%): 42 sq feet

Elevation Travel: 25 degrees up,

                          15 degrees down

Rudder Area (aft of hinge): 31 sq feet

Rudder Travel: 30 degrees right to left


Fuel Tanks Configuration: Internal - 5 each wing

Fuel Volume

Weight (Lb)              Liquid Measure (Gal)

Total Capacity:                                                          9750

Left Wing                                                                
4875                               750

Right Wing                                                                
4875                               750

Pylons (2)-Total                                                         3900

1950                               300


Pylon tank fuel feed is not available on the prototype aircraft.

Tanks can be installed (on pylons 4 and 7) for aerodynamic Tests

Weight (Lb)                           Liquid Measure (Gal)

Usable Fuel-Total                                                9074        

Basic Mission Fuel

(3 tanks each wing)                                              5368        

Auxiliary Power Unit

(APU) fuel (estimated

allocation)                                                              100


Automatic Gun (1), Six Barrel,

Fuselage Mounted, Model M-61A1

Total Capacity: 635 rounds

Rate of Fire: 4,000 rounds/minute

Bursts Shots: 60

Overall Weight-Loaded: 1,065 lb

                       -Empty: 708 lb

Gun & Feed Drive System: Hydraulic

Overall Gun Width: 22 inches

Overall Gun Height: 45 inches

Overall Gun Length: 72 inches

Radio Frequency Channels: 126+