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Heritage Courtyard

Heritage Courtyard

Welcome to the Heritage Courtyard at March Field Air Museum, home to the Distinguished Flying Cross National Memorial, the National War Dog Memorial, and the 15th Air Force Memorial Wall. This serene space honors the bravery and sacrifices of military aviators, war dogs, and the 15th Air Force. Each monument tells powerful stories of heroism, loyalty, and dedication, providing a poignant tribute to those who served and protected our nation throughout history.

Distinguished Flying Cross National Memorial

The Distinguished Flying Cross National Memorial at March Field Air Museum honors recipients of the Distinguished Flying Cross, awarded for heroism or extraordinary achievement in aerial flight. This monument celebrates the valor and dedication of military aviators who have made significant contributions to aviation history. Visitors can reflect on the bravery and sacrifices of these distinguished individuals, whose courageous actions have played pivotal roles in defending freedom and advancing aerial capabilities.

View of the DFC Memorial

War Dog Memorial

In 1999, the Discovery Channel aired “War Dogs – America’s Forgotten Heroes,” prompting Jeff Bennett, Nature’s Recipe founder, to lead a fundraising campaign, raising over $1 million for two War Dog Memorials. A year later, amidst a crowd of 2,000, the West Coast War Dog Memorial was unveiled at March Field Air Museum. Sculpted by Tom Schomberg, known for iconic works like the Rocky Monument, it symbolizes the bond and sacrifices of human-canine teams in combat. Annual ceremonies since 2000 honor military canine heroes and handlers.

View of the War Dog Memorial

15th Air Force Commemorative Wall

Dedicated in 1998, the 15th Air Force Commemorative Wall at March Field Air Museum pays tribute to the courageous men and women who served in the 15th Air Force. This solemn monument stands as a testament to their valor and sacrifice during World War II. Visitors can reflect upon the contributions of these brave individuals, whose service and dedication played a vital role in securing victory and preserving freedom during one of the most significant conflicts in history.

View of the 15th Air Force Wall
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