FAQ- Private Events

Q: Is March Field Air Museum located on the base?

A: No. We are not located on the base and do not have access to their facility rentals. March Field Air Museum is a non-profit organization located near the base.


Q: How can I reserve the date for my event?

A: 50% deposit is required and signed contract to reserve your date and event


Q: What is the cancelation policy?

A: Cancellation of event within 2 weeks (14 days) of scheduled event will result in full facility rental charge. Client may reschedule event and payments will transfer over to rescheduled event.


Q: What is included in my facility rental?


  • Your guests are allowed to explore the museum until 5pm or until your event is over
  •  A host will greet and direct your guests to the correct location
  •  Event captain to monitor the event and to help answer any questions on the day of
  • Event main point of contact to help coordinate details prior to the event date.
  • Some amenities ( tables, chairs, sound equipment, bar )
  • Complimentary parking
  • Set up and tear down of all MFAM owned inventory


Q: Is the museum available for day and evening events?

A: Yes. Day events are defined as an event taking place during museum operation hours (9am-5pm). Evening events are defined as events taking place after museum operation hours (after 5pm).


Q: How much does it cost to rent the facility?

A: Fill out the inquiry form and receive a quote for your upcoming event!


Q: Do you require day of event insurance?

A: Yes. Renters will provide March Field Air Museum with a certificate of general liability insurance with a minimum coverage of limits of $1,000,000 (may require a higher min.) if combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage. Said policy or policies shall be endorsed to name March Field Air Museum (MFAM) as additional insured including Primary and Non-Contributory wording.

Check out this website: https://www.privateeventinsurance.com


Q: Do you provide catering?
A: No. We provide a Pre-Approved Vendor list which includes 3 catering companies. You will contact them directly with regards to food and beverage services

Q: Can we have alcohol at the event?

A: Yes. Our Pre-Approved Caterers / Bar Tending Vendors will be able to provide bar service as part of their agreement with you.


Q: Do you have a kitchen that we can use?

A: No. your caterer will need to bring appropriate equipment to keep food warm/cold. We do not have an ice machine or filtered water.


Q: How many people can fit in your facility?

A:  It depends on the type of event you are having here. Is your event a banquet, theater style seating or standing room? However, 340 people can fit in a banquet style event. Schedule an appointment to walk the space to see if your desired set up will work in our hangar.


Q: Do you provide tables and chairs?

A: We have 20 round tables (60 in diameter) and 200 chairs available for your event.


Q: What if we need more tables and chairs?

A: Client is responsible for renting the additional tables and chairs desired for their event. Client is also responsible for having their vendor set up and tear down the items that they brought.


Q: Do you provide linens for the tables?

A: No. Client is responsible for renting the table cloths. You can take a look at our pre-approved vendor list to contact one of them about linens.


Q: Do you allow open flame candles?

A: No. You must use battery operated candles.


Q: Do you provide any sound equipment?

A: We do have a basic sound system (speakers, microphone, projector and screen). We can discuss the details when we meet to discuss your event.


Q: Do you provide a wedding/reception coordinator for my event?

A: No. Client is responsible for coordinating and contacting vendors for their event.


Q: Who will I be discussing my details with?

A: You will be discussing your details with someone from our events department. We will make sure that your event is a success!


Q: Do you have a preferred vendor list?

A: Yes! You can find them on this website. Click on preferred vendors.


Q: Do I have to use one of the vendors on your list?

A: No, you do not have to use one of the vendors on our list. However, we highly recommend them because they know our facility very well. Caterers are responsible for cleaning up their area, taking their trash to the dumpster, clearing off all tables and making sure that the space is left clean.An addtional refundable fee of $250 is also collected. 


Q: Who can I speak with about my event?

A: Send an email to events@marchfield.org with your desired date, estimated guest count and duration of event to receive a quote. Someone from our events team will contact you.


Q: Can I volunteer to help execute events at March Field Air Museum?

A: Yes! Our events are made possible due to the help of the volunteers. We need help with setting up, tearing down, cleaning and general upkeep of our inventory. If you are interested please reach out to events@marchfield.org to get the process started!


Q: Can we buy out the museum for our special event?

A: Yes! Fill out the inquiry form for a quote!

Q: Can Planes be removed to accomodate our guest count?
A: We only have one Hangar that has the ability for us to remove or relocate planes. It is our prefernce to keep all, if not most of the planes, inside the hangar ( these are artifacts that we are trying to preserve.) However, should you feel it nessary to have some addtional space we can remove/reloacte specific planes in our Hangar 2. MFAM will charge an addtional $250/ per plane removed and need 3 weeks notice to coordinate this request.