FAQ - Filming  

Q: How much is it to film?

A: It depends on the project. Price is determined by where you are filming, what you are using, MFAM staff needed and many other factors. Our baseline is $400 per hour or $2,000 for up to 8 hrs. Any time after 8 hrs is $400 per hour.


Q:  Does the price include our set up and tear down time?

A: You will be charged for the amount of time that you are on our property.


Q: Is a site visit required?

A: Yes.


Q: Who will I be working with?

A: Your main point of contact will be with someone from the events department. However, the Curator, Director and/or President of the museum may attend the meeting or have input.


Q: Is a permit fee required?

A: Yes. Non-negotiable. This film permit is an additional cost and separate from the film fee. The permit is issued by March Joint Powers Authority. Usually the fee is $100 (it depends on the project). You will fill out their permit form and work with them directly. You will then provide MFAM with a copy of the permit.   


Q: Do we need to provide a script?

A: Upon request.


Q: Can I buy out the museum for my film?

A: Yes. Fill out the inquiry form for more information.


Q: What is required for me to film at the museum?

A: A signed contract, full payment, signed code of conduct form, insurance, MJPA permit and possibly insurance and a liability form.


Q: Can we use MFAM tools or equipment during our film shoot?

A: No. Client will need to provide all tools, equipment, ladders and scissor lift needed for their production.


Q: Do you have a green room (dressing room)?

A: No. MFAM has restrooms that you may use. We have a conference room that you can rent during the duration of your film so that you can leave your items in there or use as a dressing room. Rates are determined by the duration of time that you are filming. Rate starts at $500 for 2 hrs.


Q: Can March Field Air Museum decline my film request?

A: Yes. Not all days and times are available. Subject matter is also considered when requesting to film at MFAM. If we do not receive all of the paperwork or payment then we will cancel your film shoot.


Q:  Can I film inside the hangars?

A: Yes, upon approval.



Q: Can I film on the flightline (outside)?

A: Yes, upon approval.


Q: Can I fly a drone?

A:  We are located right next to the base and drone footage needs to be approved by FAA regulations. No exceptions. 2 week turn around for approval. Fill out form on FAA website.


Q: Do you offer discounts to student film makers/non-profits/educational/promotional/military etc…

A: We have extended discounts; however, it depends on your project. We can only allow for so many discounted projects a year. As a non-profit organization we try our best to accommodate others in their project and budget, however, we get many requests and are unable to accommodate each one. Send us an email to get more information.  


Q: How can I get a quote and more information?

A: Go to the “contact us” tab on the left side of this screen and select Contact us Inquiry Forms and then select Contact us- Film. Allow for 48hrs for a response.