FAQ - Photography  


Q: Can I take professional Pictures at March Field Air Museum?

A: Yes! We have had photo shoots, personal portraits, car clubs that want to take a picture of their car in front of a plane, company photos, photos for blogs, vlogs and magazines etc..  


Q: Is there a fee to take professional pictures?

A: Yes. $75/hr. This rate applies to all those who want to take family portraits, engagement pictures and vehicles next to planes. 


Q: What is required from me in order to take professional pictures?

A: A signed contract, payment is due at the time of reserving your photo shoot, insurance and museum availability. *requirements are subject to change at any time


Q: What if I want to take pictures with my iphone?

A: Great! Please feel free to take as many personal pictures as you would like for no charge.


Q: Do you have a green room (dressing room)?

A: No. MFAM has restrooms that you may use. We have a conference room that you can rent during the duration of your film so that you can leave your items in there or use as a dressing room. Rates are determined by the duration of time that you are filming. Rate starts at $500 for 2 hrs.


Q: Can March Field Air Museum decline my photography request?

A: Yes. Not all days and times are available. Subject matter is also considered when requesting to photograph models/planes at MFAM. If we do not receive all of the paperwork or payment then we will cancel your photo shoot.



Q: Do you offer discounts to student filmmakers/non-profits/educational/promotional/military etc…

A: We have extended discounts; however, it depends on your project. We can only allow for so many discounted projects a year. As a non-profit organization we try our best to accommodate others in their project and budget, however, we get many requests and are unable to accommodate each one. Send us an email to get more information.  


Q: Do you accept walk ins?

A: If we can accommodate you at the moment that you arrive then we will gladly proceed with the reservation process. However, if the museum is unable to accommodate your request at that moment then you will not be able to proceed with your photo shoot.