Frequently Asked Questions


  • Admission
  • Parking
  • Group Visits
  • Photography
  • Animals
  • Food & Drink
  • Backpacks and Bags



Do I have to pay admission to get in the Museum? 

Yes, nominal admission fees are charged:                                                            

Please see Hours & Admissions





Do I have to pay for parking?

Parking at the March Field Air Museum is FREE (except on very rare occasions such as major special events). Please lock your vehicle and secure all contents; the museum cannot be responsible for loss or damage. (Parking lot closes 15 minutes after the museum closes.)


Group Visits

Can groups visit the March Field Air Museum?

Yes, groups are welcome at the museum. For a special experience, consider a guided tour for your group! 



Is photography allowed at the March Field Air Museum?

Yes, informal "vacation style" picture taking and home videotaping are permitted throughout the museum. Tripods, Monopods, and Camera bags are permitted. We ask that you limit it to one camera stand and one camera bag per person. 


Commercial photographers, please contact the museum in advance for permitting requirements.


Are pets allowed at the March Field Air Museum?

Service Dods are allowed, all ofther pets are not allowed on museum grounds. 


Food and Drink

Can I bring in Food and Drinks?

Yes, you can bring in (non-alcoholic) drinks in resealable containers and snack food pre-packaged . Picnic lunches are allowed, but only in designated areas. 



Are Backpacks and Camera Bags allowed at the March Field Air Museum?

Yes, Backpacks and Camera Bags are allowed at the museum. We ask that it be limited to one Backpack and one Camera bag per person.