Help bring U. S. Army UH-1D 66-925 to it's           New Home at March Field Air Museum

November 22, 1967 U.S Army UH-1D Helicopter 66-925, was engaged in the insertion of elements of the 3rd Brigade 225th Infantry Division into a hot landing zone 35 miles north of Saigon. At the controls Major Evart Robeson, a veteran of the fierce battles in the Ia Drang Valley two years before, now serving his second tour in Vietnam, pulled sharply away when enemy fire smashed through the cockpit. One round passed through the Major’s left leg inflicting a grievous wound. Within minutes, 66-925 had landed at An Khe where Army doctors worked frantically to stem the flow of blood. Stabilized, Major Robeson was transported to the 12th Evacuation Hospital at Cu Chi where surgeons fought to save his life. Tragically, the Major succumbed to his wounds three days later.


42 years after the loss of this gallant aviator, March Field Air Museum has been given an important opportunity; to acquire and restore UH-1D 66-925. We are committed to honoring the memory of Major Robeson, and all those who sacrificed so much in Southeast Asia, by bringing this helicopter back to its original military configuration and placing it on permanent display in Fire Base Romeo Charlie, March Field Air Museum’s extensive Vietnam exhibit.


$6,000 dollars will bring this aircraft to its new home and prepare it for display. March Field Air Museum is a non-profit 501(c) (3) and receives no government funding.  Donations, of any denomination, are urgently needed. Can you help?   Please click on the link below or send donations to the “Huey Fund” March Field Air Museum, 22550 Van Buren Blvd. March ARB, CA 92517.