Dear Friends,


It has been a banner year at the March Field Air Museum, and I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the considerable achievements brought into being by our mutual commitment to the preservation of aviation history. 


With your support, we have accomplished much. From increasing our heritage aircraft collection by fourteen to a total of one hundred and six, to vastly improving our facility with the addition of air conditioning in Hangar Two. This year, we have doubled the size of our archives, and increased exhibit space by 30%. Our efforts to create a museum worthy of our subject have borne remarkable success. 


As we look to the future, a sincere appreciation of our growing importance to the community demands increased mission clarity. Why are we here, what is our true purpose? Clearly our mission includes preserving vintage aircraft and recording the stories of March Field. But is safeguarding the rare aircraft, uniforms, and artifacts that make up the physical remains of our nation’s past the total of our purpose? They are critically important but there is more. 


One of the greatest joys and most emotionally impactful experiences of museum work comes when a veteran, or a veteran’s family, hesitantly, often tearfully, presents the museum with an artifact. Their donation is often so much more than a uniform, or some flight gear, or perhaps a photograph, it is a piece of themselves or their loved one. Whatever shape it takes, it is more than a physical object, it is a treasured memory. A possession of incalculable worth now released forever to the museum’s control. The faith implicit with every donation expresses a trust beyond calculation. They are giving us their history and trusting us to preserve it and carry it forward with the respect and dignity it deserves.


It is clear, our mission is to protect their past. To honor their memory and to keep faith with their trust. With your donation we can keep that commitment. Our resolve remains strong, won’t you join us? 


Thank-you for your support, 

Jamil Dada
President, Executive Board
March Field Air Museum    


PS The successes of this year would not have been possible without your generosity. Any donation, of whatever denomination, is vital to our continued progress. Your contribution could mean the difference between success and failure. 


For your convenience, you may click on this link 2022 Year End Donation or you can mail your generous, year-end donation today to the March Field Air Museum, P.O. Box 6463, Riverside CA 92518.