Help Bring an F-104 Starfighter to the March Field Air Museum!

There is a gap in the museum's flightline!


Can you help?


The National Museum of the United States Air Force has assigned F-104 Starfighter serial number 56-752 to March Field Air Museum. Within the next few weeks, we must raise $22,000 to disassemble and transport the 40-foot long, 21.9-foot wingspan jet fighter from Travis AFB to March Field.


The F-104 Starfighter holds a key place in the development of post-World War II USAF fighters. Designed in the early 1950s by Lockheed’s legendary Kelly Johnson, who also created the SR-71 Blackbird, its unique capabilities as a high-altitude, high-speed interceptor illustrates the USAF’s commitment to developing a fighter force to counter the Cold War threat posed by Soviet strategic bombers.


At present, March Field Air Museum’s “Century Row” display includes an F-100 Super Sabre, an F-101 Voodoo, an F-102 Delta Dagger and an F-105 Thunderchief. Acquisition of F-104 Starfighter #56-752 will fill a crucial gap and permit us to show the latter stages of pre-Vietnam air-to-air interceptor development, prior to the transition to dual-role fighter-bombers such as the F-4 Phantom II. The sleek, supersonic Starfighter will further our program to educate the public on the evolving nature of aircraft design, and how it responds to the specific demands of the Air Force’s changing mission priorities.


For the March Field Air Museum, F-104 #56-752 holds a special place in aviation history. Assigned to the 319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron #56-752 was one of the last Starfighters flown by the active duty Air Force. Our commitment to preserving the individual history of each of our aircraft makes #56-752 a perfect complement to our current collection and ensures the F-104 Starfighter aircraft will receive prominent placement at March Field.


Please consider helping to fill this gap! Your contribution will bring the museum's collection of century-series fighters closer to completion. Any assistance, at whatever level, will be greatly appreciated. Donations can be forwarded directly to the March Field Air Museum Starfighter Fund, P.O. Box 6463, Riverside CA 92518, or follow the link (above) to donate now.


The March Field Air Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public-benefit organization, and donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Thank you for your support!