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Iraq / Afghanistan Outdoor Exhibit Area


The conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan has created a new post-Vietnam era generation of veterans whose story is largely under-represented in today’s museums. As these veterans move into their post-service lives, creating families and careers they are beginning to gain a sense of their place in history, and how their conflict has altered the role of aviation in non-liner warfare.


In response, the March Field Air Museum is creating an extensive new public exhibit on the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. Occupying a substantial section of the southwestern museum property, the exhibit uses a replicated forward operating base from Operation Iraq Freedom / Operation Enduring Freedom to address a number of issues of critical importance to the history of aviation and it's role in modern combat. The exhibit will feature artifacts, equipment and infrastructure details of the period with informational panels on subjects as diverse as identifying Improvised Explosive Devices and interacting with each regions ethnic and political factions.