B-17 Revetment Exhibit

B-17G 44-6393 "Starduster"


March Field Air Museum is privileged to preserve and display the World War 2 command
aircraft of aviation pioneer and legendary military leader General Ira Eaker.


General Eaker, the former Commander of the 34th and 17th Pursuit Squadrons at March Field, began the Second World War as commander of the 8th Air Force in England. In 1944, he was appointed the commander-in-chief of the Mediterranean Allied Air Forces, composed of the 12th and 15th U.S. Air Forces and the British Desert and Balkan Air Forces. B-17G 44-6393 "Starduster" served as General Eaker's personal transport plane during 1944 and 1945.


Recently returned to its wartime markings and original Nose Art, "Starduster" has been placed in a 150-foot diameter concrete circle replicating the typical heavy bomber revetment of the Second World War. Future improvements will include the completion of one of General George Patton's Desert Training Center Headquarters Quonset huts with permanent exhibits featuring the 15th Air Force in the Second World War.