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The Yeager Family Library

The mission of the Yeager Family Library is to make historic materials accessible to researchers; expand space and aviation knowledge among staff and museum members; and enhance the educational experience of museum visitors.


Looking for a way to make your next visit to March Field Air Museum more educational?  Come on a morning when the library is open!  There you’ll find books related to everything you see in the museum, and more.


With about 7,000 volumes, the library has books on dirigibles to X-planes, fighters to spaceships, gliders to seaplanes, and biplanes to bombers.  There are also shelves full of books on air warfare, military strategy, and air force history. About half of our books are cataloged in a searchable data base, with more being added every week. Researchers may be especially interested in our collection of unit histories and military organization directories. Children can look through picture books while their mothers browse the section on women in aviation.


For history buffs, there are magazines -- such as Air Classics, Flying, and Aerospace Historian -- with detailed articles about particular aircraft.  Small classes and children’s groups are welcome. And if a certain plane on the flight line catches your eye, you can learn more about it in the air-conditioned Yeager Family Library.


The Yeager Family Library is made possible through the generous contributions of the Jack Yeager family, countless book and periodical donors, and museum volunteers.  


Museum members may borrow for three weeks at a time. Everyone may use other books on-site in the library during regular hours or by appointment. 

To search our online database


Or Visit the Library Website at

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Yeager Family Library


Hours of Operation


Tuesdays and Saturdays,  10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


While shelf space limits the collection’s size, some donations are especially worthwhile and we'd love to hear from you. Those wishing to donate aviation materials should contact the Collections Department in advance, at 951.902.5204.


Yeager Family Library

Borrowing Policies



Borrowing privileges are extended to those holding the following forms of identification:

  • Current museum membership card
  • Permanent volunteer identification badge
  • Board of Directors identification badge
  • Staff identification badge ​


Borrowers must provide a valid email address at the time of check-out.


Items check out for three (3) weeks and may be renewed once.


No more than five (5) items may be borrowed at one time.


Borrowing privileges are suspended when:


  • Membership expires
  • ID Card is revoked
  • More than one item is overdue


Some rare or fragile materials do not circulate.