Ghost Walk

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Hidden within the aircraft and artifacts, March Field Air Museum carries more than the memories of past aviators. Since its founding, visitors and volunteers have reported unusual activity. As night wraps itself around the hangars and flight line displays, disembodied voices and spectral shadows roam the museum grounds. Unexplained noises echo through the hangars and strange unattributable aromas drift over the darkened passages.


With our curiosity piqued, the museum staff called in the professional investigative team from Synergy Paranormal ( Dedicated to the scientific research of ghostly activity, Synergy brought its considerable expertise, advanced technology and spiritual understanding to bear.


Since the summer of 2012, under the careful observation of the museum staff, Synergy has collected photographs, videos and audio recordings of paranormal activity at the museum. Ghost voices, strange noises, glowing orbs, shadow figures and apparitions have been recorded as well as physical manifestations including the movement of museum objects and a camera violently tossed by unseen hands.


You are invited to join the museum and Synergy Paranormal in tours held from

9:00PM to 1:00AM once per month. Tour sizes are intentionally kept small to minimize the disturbance and increase the likelihood of catching paranormal activity.


$50 per person / paid in advance / non-refundable

For reservations and details contact Gary or Nancy at 951.243.4689 or email at