IEAR Meeting 


October 16, 2019


D-Day -  Minus One



Presented by Flt Lt Ken Wright, Royal Air Force (Ret)
March Field Air Museum Library – Wednesday, October 16th  - 7 pm 


Most World War 2 aficionados are aware of the elaborate pre-D-Day scheme to create a phantom army in the southeast corner of England. Before the invasion of France, Allied forces created fake rubber tanks, trucks and camps and a lot of deceptive radioactivity centered on an army that did not exist. However, few people know all that was only a part of a greater deception.  


What happened on the night before D-Day was much more complex and involved deception on a scale that has never been fully explained.  One of the leading architects of the scheme was a 25-year old woman who never received the plaudits she deserved for her major part in the operation. 


Come and join us at the March Field Air Museum, Wednesday night October 16, as Ken Wright, retired Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenant and World War Two Bomber Command veteran, elaborates on the complexities of the operation down to small details that ensured its success.


Flt. Lt. Wright enlisted in the British Royal Air Force on his 18th birthday (December 8, 1941), the day after Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. He was trained as a Navigator and a Bombardier in Canada, then served in RAF heavy bombers during WWII. After the war, he took part in the Berlin Airlift, and then switched to Night Fighter duty. He participated in a nuclear bomb test while flying on exchange duty with the U.S. Marine Corps at El Toro, as well as in various missile-related assignments in the U.S. and the U.K., before retiring after 20 years of military service. Returning to the U.S. as a civilian, Ken pursued a career in sports racing and automotive sales. He currently serves as a volunteer docent with the March Field Air Museum.




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