Inland Empire Aviation Roundtable

WWII Navigation


A Crewmans's Experience 



Presented by Ft. Lt. Ken Wright RAF (Ret) 
March Field Air Museum Library – Wednesday, March 20th - 7 pm 

Admission and Parking Free


Ken Wright, docent at March Field Air Museum spent twenty years in the Royal Air Force as a navigator.  He will cover the history of navigation from the days of the Phoenicians and Polynesians right up to our current GPS electronic systems.  Ken will also cover the navigation equipment rapid development in WW II, much of it from practical use himself.  He will also elaborate on the Major breakthrough of the solution to the "Longtitude" problem that had bedeviled the early seafarers travelling the world trade routes.that cost countless lives.                           




The Inland Empire Aviation Roundtable is sponsored by the March Field Air Museum, and is dedicated to the local aviation and aerospace community. Monthly meetings are open to the public, with subjects of interest to the air-minded public presented including aviation and aerospace history, both civil and military, as well as new developments in these fields. Parking and admission are free for this event.


The March Field Air Museum is located in Riverside, California, at 22550 Van Buren Blvd. (at the intersection of Van Buren Blvd. and the 215 Freeway) adjacent to March Air Reserve Base


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