Inland Empire Aviation Roundtable

The B-57 Canberra

Wednesday, February 21

7 p.m.



Designed by English Electric Aviation, the twin jet-engine B-57 Canberra light bomber was the first foreign-designed military aircraft produced in the United States since the First World War. It also was destined to become one of the last medium bombers produced for the U.S. Air Force.


The Martin Company made significant improvements to the sleek English jet-bomber design, and 403 B-57s were built, in various configurations, from 1953 to 1957. The Vietnam War brought the B-57 into conflict for the first time. A total of 94 B-57Bs were deployed to Southeast Asia, with 51 lost in combat and seven to other causes. By 1969, only nine survived. One of these, a freshly repainted EB-57B, is today exhibited at the March Field Air Museum.


Major Ken Schanke, USAF (Retired) is tonight's presenter. For additional details, please click on the file below.

February 21, 2018 Program Notes
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