CQ-10A (UAV) Snow Goose

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Manufacturer: MMIST, Canada
Designation: CQ-10A
Version: A
Type: UAV
Specifications (MIST CQ-10A)
Length: 9 FT 6IN
Wingspan: 6 FT 8IN
Payload: 600 lbs
Launch Weight: 1,400  lbs
No. of Engines: 1
Powerplant: Rotax 914 piston, 110hp
Range: 184 miles
Max Speed: 38 Mph
Ceiling: 18,000 Ft
Takeoff Means: Airdrop/HMMWV Launch
Landing Means:


Endurance: Up to 19 hrs max, 9-11 hrs with 200 lb cargo


Produced by the Mist Mobility Integrated Systems Technology Company the CQ-10A Snow Goose is a multi-purpose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed for the precision delivery of cargo. A fully loaded Snow Goose can carry a total of 575 lbs. The Snow Goose was originally designed for leaflet dispensing, but can support a variety of missions with its six modular cargo bays, each of which can carry pods for fuel, cargo, electronic sensors or broadcasting packages.


Equipped with an autonomous guidance system and satellite communications for monitoring and controlling flights from a remote ground control station the CQ10A uses a collapsible parafoil for lift and a turbocharged Rotax engine for propulsion. 


This aircraft is owned by the March Field Air Museum.