L-5 Sentinel

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Manufacturer: Consolidated Vultee Stinson
Designation: L-5
Nickname: Sentinel
Type: Liason / Observation / Light plane
Crew: Pilot and observer
Length: 24' 
Height: 7' 
Wingspan: 34'
Wingarea: 155.00 Sq Ft
Empty Weight: 1550.00 lbs
Gross Weight: 2020.00 lbs
Max Weight: 2050.00lbs
No. of Engines: 1
Powerplant: Lycoming O-435-1
Horsepower (each): 195
Range: 315 miles
Max Speed: 128 Mph
Ceiling: 15,800 Ft
Payload: 500 lbs
armament: none


The L-5 "Sentinel" began life as the pre-war Stinson model 105. The model 105 was nicknamed the "Voyager", built by the Stinson division of Consolidated Vultee. When the war broke out, the "Voyager" was pressed into service as a liaison aircraft.  It also flew in the artillery spotter role and as an air ambulance. The military L-5's had their fuselages structurally reinforced and lengthened to accommodate two litter patients. The L-5 was powered by a 190 hp Lycoming O-435-1 engine.


Three versions were produced for the US Army Air Force; the L-5 and L-5A standard two-seat short-range aircraft, the latter being identical to the L-5 except for having a 24-volt electrical system, and the L-5B, or Sentinel II, was adapted to carry a stretcher or light cargo.


Capable of operating from forward unimproved airstrips, the L-5 "Sentinel" delivered information and needed supplies to the front-line troops, on the return trip, she would evacuate the badly wounded soldiers to rear area field hospitals for medical attention.

Over 3,000 L-5s were constructed and served in Europe and in the Pacific.


The museum’s L-5 is on loan from the NMUSAF