MiG-19 Farmer

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Manufacturer: Mikoyan-Gurevich
Designation: MIG-19
Version: unknown
Nickname: Farmer
Type: Fighter
Specifications (below is for MIG-19S)
Length: 40' 3"  
Height: 12' 0"  
Wingspan: 30' 2"  
Crew: 1  
Armament: Three NR-30 30mm cannon  
Gross Weight: 19,096 lbs  
No. of Engines: 2
Powerplant: Tumansky RD-9 turbojets
Pounds of thrust (each): 7,165 lbs. with afterburner
Range: 1,243 miles  
Max Speed: 903 Mph    
Ceiling: 56,145 Ft  


The Mig-l9 came from the successful design bureau of Artem Mikoyan and
Mikhail Gurevich. The dramatic 55 degree sweep and twin engines gave this
aircraft excellent performance and speed. It was comparable to the U.S. F-100
Super Sabre. The Mig-19 was also licensed for production in China and it
equipped most Soviet Eastern Bloc countries throughout the 1960's. China even
abandoned its newer Mig-21's and returned to producing Mig-l9's.

The Mig-19 shown above, with 0409 painted on its side fuselage, was donated
in October, 2001, from Lillie Hornak, Palm Springs, CA. It once flew with the
Czechoslovakian Air Force.