C-45J Expediter

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Manufacturer: Beech
Designation: SNB
Version: -5
Nickname: Expediter
Type: Cargo / Transport
Length: 35' 12" 10.97 M
Height: 9' 4" 2.84 M
Wingspan: 49' 8" 15.14 M
Wingarea: 360.70 Sq Ft 33.51 Sq M
Empty Weight: 5680.00 lbs 2575.00 Kg
Gross Weight: 8000.00 lbs 3628.00 Kg
Max Weight: 9900.00lbs 4489.00 Kg
No. of Engines: 2
Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-3
Horsepower (each): 450
Range: 1626 miles 2618.00 Km
Cruise Speed: 207.00 mph 333.00 Km/H 180.00 Kt
Max Speed: 234.00 Mph 376.00 Km/H 203.24 Kt
Climb: 1490.00 Ft/min 454.13 M/min
Ceiling: 23300.0 Ft 7101.50 M


Beech Aircraft first introduced the Model 18 light twin engine aircraft to
the civilian market in late 1937. With the outbreak of World War II, the Army
Air Corps ordered 11 aircraft. Quickly realizing their full potential, the C-45
was ordered in large quantities to provide the coming flood of new airmen with a
suitable training aircraft. Although used primarily as a transport aircraft, the
C-45 was also produced in the AT-7 navigational training, AT-ll weapons training
and the F-2 photo-reconnaissance versions.

The museum's C-45J was a U.S. Navy aircraft, BUNO number 44588. It was
surplused by the Air Force in the early 1960's and operated for a number of
years under civilian registration.  It was flown to the museum on May 1, 1981,
from Moore Field, TX, logging 10.1 flight hours. Total flight time for this
aircraft is 13,400 hours.  (Note: in the past, we have mis-identified this
aircraft with the following: serial numbers and model types:  BUNO 54-4588 or
52-10588, model JRB-4, model SNB-5, and model C-45F Navigator).  This aircraft
is on loan from the USAF.