C-119G Flying Boxcar

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Manufacturer: Fairchild
Designation: C-119
Version: G
Nickname: Flying Boxcar
Type: Cargo
Length: 86' 5 3/4"  
Height: 26' 7 3/4"  
Wingspan: 109' 3 1/4"  
Gross Weight:    
No. of Engines: 2
Powerplant: Wright R-3350-85
Horsepower (each): 3,500 
Performance (below is for C-119J)
Range: 2000 miles  
Cruise Speed: 200 mph    
Max Speed: 290 Mph    
Ceiling: 30,000 Ft  


The C-119 Packet was designed late in World War II by North American Aviation
as an Air Force medium duty transport aircraft. The end of World War II brought
the cancellation of the North American contract, but Fairchild Hiller continued
to produce the plane for the Air Force in a slightly modified form. Also known
as the "Flying Boxcar", the C-119 saw extensive use in the Korean War as a
medium range transport aircraft. The plane could carry over 20,000 pounds of
cargo or 62 fully equipped combat troops. During Vietnam, many aircraft were
converted to gun-ships by the addition of four 7.62mm gatling guns and two 20mm
gatling cannon firing from the port side. When the guns fired, the target was
hit by over 600 rounds per second. The ground, no matter how thickly vegetated,
had the appearance of a freshly plowed field! The black paint scheme and the
fact that the craft flew mostly night missions earned them the nickname shadow.
The gunship also carried flares, searchlights, low light level television
cameras, side looking airborne radar and forward looking infrared sensors to
help locate targets. The aircraft was retired from military service in the early
1970's, but some are still used by the US Forest Service as aerial fire

The C-119 at the March museum is a G model, RCAF 22122 . Our aircraft came
from a private contractor to the Forestry Service in Montana after serving as an
aerial tanker of fire-extinguishing borate solution.  This aircraft was flown to
March Field by volunteers for its last flight and arrived 29 September 1988.
This aircraft is on loan from the USAF. (Note: in the past we had mistakenly
identified this aircraft as Serial Number 10906.)