B-47E Stratojet

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Manufacturer: Boeing
Designation: B-47
Version: E
Nickname: Stratojet
Type: Bomber
Length: 107' 1"  
Height: 28'  
Wingspan: 116'  
Gross Weight: 226,000 lbs  
No. of Engines: 6
Powerplant: General Electric J47
Pounds of Thrust (each): 7200
Range: 3500 miles  
Cruise Speed: 560 mph    
Max Speed: 610Mph    
Ceiling: 39,300 Ft  


The B-47 was designed as a post World War II jet powered intercontinental
strategic bomber. It was the first jet bomber to utilize a swept wing design,
bicycle landing gear and was the first jet bomber ordered in large quantities.
The underside of all aircraft was painted white to deflect the heat of nuclear
explosions. Boeing designers tested fifty different engine positions before
finally placing them. Modified B-47's served into the 1960's as electronic
warfare aircraft. B-47's flew from March Field from 1953 to 1963.

The B-47 at the March Field Museum is an E model serial number 53-2275. It
was manufactured by Boeing Aircraft in Wichita, Kansas and delivered to the air
force on 14 February 1955. Over its career it was assigned to the Strategic Air
Command and based at Andersen Air Base on Guam and at March Air Force Base. It
flew with the 303rd, 40th and 22nd Bombardment Wings and the 2881st Air Defense
Division. The aircraft was retired from Air Force service in 1964. A cutaway of a movie set  mockup of a B-47 fuselage is inside the museum. This was used for a movie
starring Jimmy Stewart.

The museum's B-47E was retrieved from the China Lake Naval/ Air Weapons
Station and brought to the museum in pieces and reassembled in 1988.   It was
delivered to the March Field Museum in January 1988. This aircraft is on loan
from the USAF.

According to the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA/RSA), Maxwell
AFB, AL, the museum's B-47E has the following history:

B-47E, s/n 53-2275, was manufactured by Boeing Aircraft, Wichita KS and
delivered to the USAF on 14 Feb 1955.  It served in the following locations:

Feb  - 1955 To 303th Bombardment (M) Wing (SAC), Davis-Monthan AFB AZ

Jun 1956  - Deployment to Andersen AB Guam

Oct 1956  - Return to Davis-Monthan AFB

Sep 1957  - To 22nd Bombardment (M) Wing (SAC), March AFB CA

Jun 1959  - Deployed to Andersen AB

Sep 1959  - Return to March AFB

Aug 1962 -  Deployed to Andersen AB

Oct 1962 - To 2881st Air Defense Division (SAC), Andersen AB

Feb 1963  - To 40th Bombardment (M) Wing (SAC), Forbes AFB KS

Aug 1964  - Dropped from inventory by transfer to USN