Happenings at the Museum in picture



UH-1B has arrived at Firebase Romeo Charlie



In 2013, a UH-1B Huey helicopter was donated to the Museum by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's department. The Sheriff's Department used the UH-1B as a rescue training platform. For the last year and a half our Restoration Department and Curatorial Department has painstakingly cleaned out “inches” of gunk that was accumulated over the 40 plus years it sat atop a 30 foot tower at the Rialto Airport. They manufactured parts and pieces that were missing and discovered that it was a Vietnam War combat veteran. 


Here are some before and after pictures.


Sunrise at the Museum

Old B-52 Alert Tower's old home and new home

Old B-52 Alert Tower being deliver

to the Museum on June 6th

Old B-52 Alert Tower being installed

at the Museum on September 29th & 30th

Artist Jerri Bergen "Victory Girl" 

applys nose art to the Museums B-17G.

       Harold "Cy" Blanton - Gary Jones, Granite Construction - General Harry Goldsworthy